The Great Divorce by David Loy Frishkorn

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Book Description:

The twin Lasserman boys grew up in mid-twentieth century middle America. As children they were as close as one would expect twin boys to be. But as adults their life paths took them to far different destinations, economically, socially and geographically. At a time when they were past middle-aged, a severely divided nation driven by polarizing political demagogues, stressed their moral foundations to the breaking point. What happens beyond the breaking point teaches them a great deal about themselves and each other and has a cataclysmic effect on the nation and the world.This is a must-read for any open-minded, intelligent individuals who want to explore a fictional world where moral norms are cast aside, racial biases are openly exploited, and society is allowed to deteriorate to an unforeseen nadir of base expression and survival mode behavior.About the AuthorAfter a forty-year international business career in the so-called ‘real world,’ David Loy Frishkorn is launching his second career in the exhilarating and liberating world of adult fiction and political intrigue. His real world career took him all over the world meeting fascinating individuals and experiencing various cultures, cuisines and characters. He now builds on some of those characters and experiences in the pages of The Great Divorce.David Loy Frishkorn is a native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Slippery Rock University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Bentley University. In addition to Pennsylvania he has lived in Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut and now resides in Tampa with his spouse of thirty years.

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“A very interesting and plausible read” Four Star Review on Amazon By Wilfred

The author sets forth a chilling yet believable trajectory given the state of our politics and temperament today, with a well thought out and well organized final ending. An enjoyable inventive read.

About the Author

Like many people, I toiled away faithfully and blissfully for dozens of years at various corporate jobs that were usually rewarding and engaging, but occasionally frustrating and soul-sucking. And, also like many people, in the back of my mind was a dream; a dream waiting to be fulfilled. With the publication of “The Great Divorce” I am several steps down the road towards realizing my dream of writing a great novel. It has been the so-called labor of love. Writing it was mostly love. Publishing it was a great deal more labor. But here we are with the book available for your reading pleasure. My background is fairly typical, for the most part, and quite extraordinary in other aspects. I grew up in a small village called Zelienople, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I worked in a machine shop to pay my way through my undergraduate economics and accounting program at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Later I earned my MBA in International Business at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Rounding out my educational training is a certificate in Industrial Relations from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and a graduate certificate in Business Ethics from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Career experiences have been plentiful. I’ve worked for major public accounting firms; predecessor organizations to KPMG and PwC. And I’ve worked for major public companies; Ampco-Pittsburgh, Milton Roy, Xerox and Comverse/Xura. With the help of various accounting, auditing, treasury, compliance and ethics roles I have been fortunate to travel the world from Mount Washington to Mount Fuji to Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ve been from Lake Erie to Lake Geneva to Lake Titikaka. I’ve danced on disco rounds in Marbella, Spain, with Pygmy women and children in Uganda, and in tribal rituals with the Maori in New Zealand. But life hasn’t all been a dance. There has been heartache and loss; child abuse and sexual abuse; temporary life in an orphanage and lost opportunities and regrets too numerous to mention. On the other hand, life has presented so many joys and wonders that there simply is no time or energy to be wasted on the darker aspects of living. I have a loving and supportive spouse, two wonderful, intelligent, beautiful grown daughters, and three handsome and witty grandsons that are all the joys of my life. All of these experiences, adventures and relationships have shaped who I am and help drive the creativity that goes into my writing. I hope you find some of what I’ve written to be enjoyable and inspiring. Connect with author on Twitter:

The Great Divorce by David Loy Frishkorn

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