Based on a True Story – in 1960s Italy where honour, respect and the judgement of others are the cornerstones of life, Diana’s youth is lived in fear. When she marries Marco, Diana endures overriding hatred from her mother-in-law. A torrid affair, devastating revelations from her husband and her generous nature cause great suffering. To unravel her daughter’s mysterious death becomes Diana’s only reason for living, but the truth is double sided – and Diana’s attempt to end it all marks the start of a glimmer of light.
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“Beautifully written.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Melissa

My second helping of Pamela Blake’s work, this book based on a true story has all the emotion, drama and intensity as Eden’s Apple, Blake rising to the occasion o her previous work. Diana’s story is dramatic, intense and full of an endurance to find hope. Despite the gritting subject matter, the light at the end of the tunnel foreshadows the plot as Diana searches for answers. As a short novel, it is by no means a quick read as the subject matter and premise are thought provoking and full of literary value.

About the Author

Born in Rome, Italy, Pamela lived fifty years in Scotland.

After raising four children, completing the Diploma in creative writing and a BA Degree in Literary Studies as a mature student at Glasgow University, she could finally start writing.
In 2004, Pamela’s autobiography was published by PublishAmerica and later her short play, The Light, was announced a contest winner.

Intertwined Poetry was published by United p.c. and Pamela has achieved recognition for her poetry in Italy, Germany and the USA, appearing through the years in magazines and anthologies.

Eden’s Apple is Pamela’s full-length debut novel.

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