The Half Turn

by Steven Bartholomew (Author)

In the turbulent world of 'The Half Turn,' Joe Hendricks must orchestrate a football renaissance, battling legends, boardroom politics, and the ghosts of Athletic FC's past to redefine glory on and off the pitch.

Book Description:​

Athletic, once the dominant club in English football, have lost their way since the retirement of their long-serving and hugely successful manager. Joe Hendricks joins the club mid-season as interim head coach and battles to improve performances and secure the job on a permanent basis. He faces multiple challenges on and off the pitch, including working with the club’s director of football, a legendary former player who also wants the head coach role.
The Half Turn will appeal to football fans around the world. It celebrates all that is beautiful about the beautiful game, but also holds up a mirror to the dark side of the world’s most popular sport. With insights into tactics, training drills, data and analytics, it is a must read for anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes at a modern football club.

About the Author

Steven Bartholomew (Author)

Steven Bartholomew lives in Surrey, England with his wife and daughters. He is the author of several short stories including The Great Resignation, Friends in Politics, and Accidents Will Happen. The Half Turn is his first novel.

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