The Handbook of Spiritual and Energy Healing: And How to Learn it Yourself

This book covers the history of spiritual and energy healing. Then persons who were historical healers. How to learn these techniques yourself. Finally the integration of spirit, mind, and body

I have been studying the spiritual and paranormal my entire life. This has also led to me having many paranormal experiences such as prophecy. I’m also a Reiki healer and have experimented a lot with vital forces and different healing methods.

Since I’m also and engineer I think this gives me a fairly unique perspective on the scientific and the spiritual. My view is that spiritual/faith and psychic healing can often be entirely separate approaches.

In looking at all the books available on this topic I saw a lot focusing on the spiritual aspects and some focused on Chakra usage or Reiki healing. What I didn’t see was an overview and history of the whole topic to help people understand how spiritual and energy healing developed and how it fits into the science and medicine of today.

There is also a need to see how spiritual and energy healing integrates with other medicines to improve a person’s long term health.

In Part One of this book we cover the sources of vital forces and energies in the human body.

Part Two is on the history spiritual and vitals forces healings and many examples of spiritual and faith healers.

Part Three is all about how you can develop these healing abilities yourselves. Exercises to learn these healing processes are included.

Part Four covers how to integrate the spiritual, mental, and physical parts of your being to provide stable long term health for your life.