Stella Hunter is on a quest to locate a scroll that may hold the power to break eight-year-old Gabriel’s curse. Her search will take her across the globe. The clock is ticking in a countdown to the end of the world and no one has the slightest notion where the scroll might be. It’s nonstop action, an edgy and dark story full of mystery and adventure, and totally impossible to set down once you’ve started reading.
By Kitty Smith TOP 500 REVIEWER
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A great adventure read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By S. Gregory

The second book in the series, the Harmony Scroll features a young boy called Gabriel with an ancient curse on his head. Stella Hunter believes she can break the curse by finding an amulet, but it seems like an impossible task to find it. Strong characters and a compelling story, the Harmony Scroll is full of adventure and a look at the past which I enjoyed reading about. I would definitely recommend this book.

About the Author

Ten years ago, Edita left her corporate career to concentrate on writing. Since then, she published 15 books across several genres. Her most successful series, Stella Hunter Mysteries, is a skillful mix of mystery, suspense, fantasy and adventure that has been described as “a calmer Dan Brown style book. This is a must.” (Bladestryke, May 10, 2016). Her other novels reflect her eclectic reading preferences across adventure, mystery, fantasy, sci-fic and romance genres. Her books are well-written and entertaining. They have been described as ‘unputdownable.”

Without much promotion and entirely on its own merit, her “Ribbons of Death” novel, the first book in the Stella Hunter series, reached a bestseller status shortly after its release in 2015. She continues to work outside the home, as it is a never-ending marketing struggle to reach for the higher rung of achievement. She lives in Toronto with her family and two wheaten terriers.

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