Some ghosts are very much alive – and exceedingly deadly.
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Man! Esther Luttrell really knows how to write a novel.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Johnny Russell

The Haunting had me totally overwhelmed with a need for more from Ms. Luttrell. It was really riveting. The book had me fully intrigued. Imagine being on the desolate stretch of roadway at night in these times refusing the convenience of a cellphone. Your excuse being, “How’d you and the rest of the world make it all those years without the danged things?”
It’s lines like, “It had always been Mark. It will always be Mark”. And, “Says he’s got splinters in his fingers. I told him to quit scratchin’ his head”. Oh, Esther, you’re good.

About the Author

Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Esther Luttrell spent most of her early years writing educational films, radio and television commercials, medical films, and documentaries. She eventually made the move to Hollywood where she worked for CBS and MGM. After several years in the motion picture industry, she wrote her first novel, “Murder in the Movies”. It proved to be the kind of writing adventure that led to her successful State of the Murder mysteries, two books on life after death and a children’s series written under her maiden name, Esther Cox. In 2014, she returned to films only long enough to writer a screenplay for the producers of feature film “Te Ata”, then she returned to writing novels. When she isn’t traveling as a writer or public speaker, Esther makes her home in the Midwest.

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