The Heart of a Viscount

What's a girl to do when she's left orphaned and alone after her father's unexpected demise?
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Miss Verity Weston had anticipated going to live with her eccentric aunt, Lady Margaret, if anything happened to her father. But he considered his sister a bit “dotty” and arranged for her to be the ward of Viscount Stanbury. Viscount Stanbury (Julian Ashmore) was a bachelor who wanted to stay that way. But he had given his word to Verity’s father and, as a gentleman of honor, he took her in. She turned his life upside down, leaving him wanting to wring her neck or kiss her, and never sure which one! He figured it should be easy to find her a respectable husband. But between Verity and her aunt, Lady Margaret, nothing could ever be simple! Would things turn out as expected all along? Could Lady Margaret carry out her brother’s plans and make that happen? These wonderful characters will surprise the reader. They are actually delightful and will keep you laughing. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the pacing. Having fun with a book keeps the joy of reading alive and well!

-- Emily Pennington
Book Description:

What’s a girl to do when she’s left orphaned and alone after her father’s unexpected demise?


Miss Verity Weston imagined being whisked off to Bath and settling into a quiet life with her aunt, Lady Margaret. However, her father had other ideas.


Fearing his sister Margaret, being quite mad and well in her dotage, would set a poor example for Verity, her father did the unthinkable and left her the ward of Viscount Stanbury. Verity was smitten with the viscount as a young girl, but now he was practically a stranger.


Viscount Stanbury was a confirmed bachelor who lived his life at leisure until the unthinkable happened. But, as a gentleman, he was only as good as his word and after all, being honorable was not always easy. Suddenly Julian found himself in too deep, and Miss Verity Weston turned his life upside down. He either wanted to wring the chit’s neck or kiss her senseless—depending on the moment.


Verity’s exquisite beauty should make settling her with a respectable husband easy, even with a meager dowry. Yet nothing was simple with Verity or her maddening aunt, the eccentric Lady Margaret.


A love/hate relationship, burning chemistry, and a crazy countess collide in this humorous and cheeky Victorian Novella—a library, not bedroom romance.

Lisa Higgins (Author)
Lisa Higgins, the mother of two children, twenty-one years apart, writes fanciful and dramatic Regency Romance novels with irresistible, misunderstood heroes and strong, stubborn heroines. As a child, she loved to read with a flashlight until the wee hours of the morning. Although Lisa has a vivid imagination, she pursued life before finding her passion for writing and spinning tales. Born in South Florida, Lisa adores eighty-degree weather, palm trees, and the ocean; however, she was raised near The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, giving her a tender spot for the mountains and their surrounding beauty. She considers it “God’s Country” for all seasons except winter. Lisa really hates winter. If you ask her what she enjoys the most in life, Lisa will joke and say, coffee! While she does enjoy copious amounts of coffee, Lisa is passionate about animals and children. Lisa presently lives in Tennessee with her mother, step-father, seven-year-old son, Marshall, and three cats. A mean, diva kitty named Maggie-Mae and two sweet boys: Romeo and Milo. Lisa’s grown daughter, Kari, is recently married and now starting a family with her sweet husband, Daulton. Lisa is thrilled with the new additions to her family and her new grandbaby, Hadleigh Rae.
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