dddddU.S. Air Force Major Dr. Mathew Collins is still a military target in his San Antonio plastic surgery practice. Collins is the sole survivor of his special operations unit in Afghanistan after attack by Iranians with the chemical trichothecene–also called the Helios Rain. The United States fears its next home attack will be with this chemical weapon. Collins’ primary physician, Air Force Colonel Dr. Abram Gesecke is actively testing Collins muscle tissue in pursuit of an antidote and reason for his survival with super strength. Collins has also now become a target by Iran to obtain his medical records and engineer his abduction to prevent the U.S to do this. Iran wants the next 9/11 to be with the same chemical.
An Iranian soldier, Lieutenant Kahlid Vermani, also a Helios Rain survivor like Collins, is sent by Iran to the U.S. to find him.


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