The Hellfire Club 

by – Christopher Bolsover (Author)

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Book Description:

Logan McAllistar an ex-army hero is released early from prison on parole and sets out for revenge of the crime lords that he believes had set him up. His girlfriend has gone missing and he fears she has been killed after a ‘trick’ went wrong. He wants answers!

The crime lords blame him for a missing drug shipment from the Russian mafia who want their money or a pound of flesh. They also know that he has taken sensitive video tapes from their London ‘Hellfire Club’ containing secret activities of high-profile people worth their weight in gold.

Liberty Bell is a young, dynamic, sexy and aggressive investigative reporter from New York who teams up with a lifetime policeman, DI Eager, whose career is on the decline. They form an unusual relationship and together set out to find McAllistar and secure the tapes for her big story and for DI Eager to bring the crime lords down and revive his career.

However, they are not the only ones. The CIA and a US rogue hit team, the corrupt police, MI5, the Russian mafia and KGB, plus the Met Police all want those tapes.


Reviews for the Book

The story hooks you in immediately with three dimensional characters that have depth. The story moves fast so you can't put it down till you know how it ends. I hope there is a sequel in the works! - 	Kal

About the Author: Christopher Bolsover

I started writing stories on my dads wallpaper off cuttings. I was seven years old and had a passion to write sadly life took over and I joined the many who have a book inside them yet never complete one. I joined the police cadets at 16 years old, then the Royal Military Police serving in Germany and Northern Ireland. The latter I was in the Special Investigation Branch dealing with murders, attempted murders and complaints against the army. I emigrated to Australia and was a private detective for a while and then started my corporate career which took me to work globally for multi billion dollar coprorations. I have lived on 5 continents and worked in most countries in the world. Over the years I met so many different people and dealt with a vast variety fo situations which has given me a depth of experiences you can only get by doing it.

In 2019 I was shot three times in the back during a house invasion in South Africa, luckily all my vital organs were missed and the surgeon told me I was Mr Bulletproof I should be dead or at least crippled. This was my wake up call to follow my passion and start writing, since then I have never stopped. The Hell Fire Club is my first yet I have four more on the way. I never get writers block and never plan a book it just comes through me. I write books in the style I like to read, interesting characters, serious and funny moments and plots with twists. I trust you will enjoy The Hellfire Club and watch out for the follow on book The Cleansing List later in 2021.

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