The Hero came from peasant stock. He fought with sling and bow, sword and battle-axe. He befriended Basques and Moors, Dukes and Kings. He bedded peasant girls and beautiful Ladies with one of whom he founded a dynasty that has lasted a thousand years. Gunnar deFer was the second son of a Normandy blacksmith. Born in the year 1047 in the valley of the river Sarthe, he determined to better himself in life. He hitched his star to that of the bastard William, Duke of Normandy and followed him on his quest to become King of England. Gunnar was strong and handsome, attractive to the ladies, but he was also compassionate, interested in improving the lives of the people over whom he came to rule. This is the story of his rise from humble beginnings to become an English Earl. It tells of the bloody battles in which he fought and the methods he used to win. It tells of the vicious revenge that King William inflicted on those who revolted against him and the devastating effect it had on Gunnar and his companion. We follow them on their journey to heal the physical and emotional scars of their campaigning. The story is set in a bloody period of history when ambitious men went to extremes to sate their greed for treasure and lust for power. It tells of how men of intelligence could rise above the primitive behaviour of their peers. It is also a story of passionate love.

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