If you’re a fan of Laurell K Hamilton or Charlaine Harris, this is a must new read by N. M. Brown. Very dark and full of wickedness, the breakout novel ‘The High Priestess’ is sure to stir your inner demons.
Her Father figure is Greed. Her Mother substitute is Lust. Her detestable cousin is Sloth. Her wayward Uncles are Envy and Glutton. Her absent Aunts are Wrath and Pride. Echo is deliciously sinful. Where’s the harm in that?
Detective McQueen, fresh from the Dublin Police Academy and Echo Headly, ward to the Seven Deadliest Sins are met with a grizzly murder. Found on the grounds of Cardinal House and Echo’s home, the two must somehow, despite their very, very different views on life, solve the case and return to normality. But, can they?
Discovering Echo’s wicked sins that are only growing by the minute, how can Catholic, devout McQueen turn his back on her? On the other hand, seeing the pedestal Saint McQueen has placed himself on, how can Echo not play with him; dragging him down to her level? Can the two of them put aside differences and find the killer, or will Echo and McQueen find themselves at someone else’s mercy?
The first in a chilling series that will take you to the depths of Hell, and beyond.
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“Amazing story. Needs a proofreader badly.”

Four Star Review on Amazon By Denise

Great book, lots of action but please fix the spelling and grammar errors. They are distracting and annoying. I would have given 5 stars otherwise. I’ll volunteer to proofread the next one for you. That said, loved the book and will certainly read the next.

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