The History Hut

by – Richard Trigg (Author)

Central Britain has been at peace since Boudicca’s revolt some forty years before but now his group is plotting another rebellion.

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Book Description:

Retired history teacher Charlie is looking for a new project but gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds his new shed is possessed by the spirit of Gustin, a young apprentice druid from the first century AD. Gustin persuades Charlie to come back in time to Roman Britain, where he wants his help investigating why he died. This extraordinary trip becomes yet more intense when they come across a secret youth organisation led by Gustin’s childhood friend.
Central Britain has been at peace since Boudicca’s revolt some forty years before but now his group is plotting another rebellion. The elders are alarmed, most are prospering under Roman rule and they’ll try to stop their frustrated offspring in any way they can. Charlie is horrified when he realises that he has something the rebels badly want, all he wants now is to get back to his own time, where his family have only just discovered his disappearance. A nerve-shredding sequence of adventures follows, which finally culminate in the most dramatic discovery of all back in the 21st century.

Reviews for the Book

This was a really good read; even more impressive for being a first novel! Druidic spirits underneath sheds, time travel, murder mystery suspense, sword and sorcery - what more do you want?! As a devotee of the likes of Cornwell, Follett and Child, it's great to see a new author on the scene bringing little-known local ancient history to life. In this case, Leicester during the early years of the Roman occupation. Our ancestors spoke Brittonic - who knew?!
Nicely woven plot with a twist in the tail.. Sequel please.. - Peter

About the Author: Richard Trigg

Although I’ve always enjoyed using language, this is my first book and I have absolutely loved writing it. It was just one of those things I had been wanting to do for a long time but never quite knowing how to start. The opportunity came when, like Charlie the central character in ‘History Hut’, I took retirement from teaching history and acquired a new shed around the same time. The two events are not linked but they both fed into the book idea. So far, so autobiographical, but I really have no idea where the time travelling bit came from. Maybe it was the ‘Mr Benn’ stories I used to watch as a child, where this normal chap in his suit and bowler hat (well, this was the 1960’s) would go to a fancy dress shop. There, he would exchange his sensible clothes for a series of exotic costumes. Each one then led him onto whatever that week’s adventure was going to be. Once I’d worked out the ‘logic’ behind Charlie’s magical shed (it needed to be a bit more complex than Mr Ben’s) the rest seemed to flow and he he certainly ended up having an adventure or two! Will there be a sequel? Don’t know yet, let’s see how this one does…

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