The Holy Mysteries 

by – T.G.P. (Author)

Two men are in the same place, face to face to each other. 

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Book Description:

Two men are in the same place, face to face to each other. Their stories are different, their lives are deferent, their believes are deferent.
George, a young man is the one, and begins to describe his own story and his own struggles. When it all started from a simply trip, in which he met a strange and interesting and weird woman. Her name is Sarah.
His goal was always the knowledge, because with this, he could stop his greatest fear. The fear to the unknown, to the death, to the after life.
With the time, he will discover that thousands of years before our time, other people who existed in a forgotten era, had their own struggles to deal with. He will discover that his steps are connected with those of them who lived in the holy city of the sun and every few years they celebrated the holy mysteries.

“Then you understand what pain is. No matter how many times you see the loss around you, no matter how many people you see suffer from it, if you do not feel it yourself you cannot understand how short life is. When tomorrow you walk in the world, among the people, and you see that the shops are operating normally, and everyone is going on with their lives normally. Waiters, citizens to continue their work normally and go from here to there, and you only think about what you are living through.”

About the Author: T.G.P.

My pen name is T.G.P. I was born and raised on the island of Crete. Although I have worked in many different jobs, from a young age I discovered my love for writing, my love for studying of religions and the different cultures of this world. The holy mysteries, is my first book and is the result of all these. I hope you enjoy it.