The Horseman (Land of the Morning Book 1) by Kristina O’Donnelly

The Horseman – Award-winning lead novel of the Lands of the Morning Series. An explosive, controversial, ethnically diverse, unforgettable epic novel that is timely and very much alive. Winner of JadaPress Grand Prize, 2004, and POW! Award, 2005, 1st Place, Multicultural Fiction. Written with a you-are-there immediacy. Revolving around a dynamic American heroine, The Horseman…

51-9fm2vG9L._UX250_The Horseman – Award-winning lead novel of the Lands of the Morning Series. An explosive, controversial, ethnically diverse, unforgettable epic novel that is timely and very much alive. Winner of JadaPress Grand Prize, 2004, and POW! Award, 2005, 1st Place, Multicultural Fiction. Written with a you-are-there immediacy. Revolving around a dynamic American heroine, The Horseman is a gripping, epic tale of intense passion, politics, spirituality, esoterica, as well as the roots of the current clashes between the Turks and the Kurds. Complete with magnificent and diverse settings from Turkey and Mecca to Ireland and the United States of America, THE HORSEMAN presents an intense, multi-cultural love triangle with indomitable characters united in their quest for social justice. As Ariadne, the American, Burhan, the Turk, and Mehmet Ali, the Kurd, emerge from the mists of 8,000 BC and reunite in 20th Century Turkey, they play out their star-crossed destinies upon an explosive stage of upheavals and changes.

Acclaim for THE HORSEMAN:

1st Place, Multicultural Fiction, 2005, POW! Awards, FL;
Grand Prize, 2004, Jada Press, FL
(The Horseman was highlighted by Romantic Times Magazine, Nov. 2001 issue, as Recommended Read in the Reincarnation Genre;
selected Reviewers’ Choice by Enchantment New Age Books.

“…There is a lot here, immense detail on Turkish history, culture, and politics merged with a hard-hitting story … a substantial novel.” Piers Anthony, Sci-Fi/Fantasy author, Florida, USA.
“… a gem among the myriad of pebbles, THE HORSEMAN is as literate as it is engrossing!” Dr. Martin Abend, New York, USA
“O’Donnelly writes like Wilbur Smith in a skirt… just so very colorful and descriptive…the characters sprang to life in about three lines. Brilliant!” Mike Subritzky-Kusza, New Zealand War Poet and Author of the Vietnam Scrapbook “The Second Anzac Adventure,” New Zealand

THE HORSEMAN is the lead novel of the international, multi-cultural series “Lands of the Morning.” Poison or dynamite to some and manna to others, THE HORSEMAN elicits deep emotional responses from every reader.

Prof. Karen-Claire Voss (Istanbul University) in her Introduction to this novel, writes, “Also interesting and at least as compelling is the brilliant, knowledgeable, and courageous way in which Kristina O Donnelly sheds light on the complex and controversial topic of the difficult relations between Kurds and Turks, an extremely sensitive issue, something which has been rarely discussed openly, still less has been made part of a love story.
This book is precious. I do not use this word lightly and say it not only because this is the story of a truly incredible woman and a genuinely fabulous romance. I say it because unlike so many other romances, this one is not meant to allow us to escape the complexities of real life; rather, it is intended to lead us deeper into them. It also enables us to develop an empathetic understanding of the complexities of real life as it is lived in contemporary Turkey.”

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“Sexy and exciting romantic thriller–and launch to powerful series”

Five Star Review on Amazon By booksforabuck

Ariadne, a blond American teen living with her parents in Turkey, suffers a prophetic vision while on her way to an archeological dig. Sometimes the vision is of an ancient past, and sometimes of a cruel future. In every case, though, she is caught in a love triangle.

When she’s rescued from a kidnapping by a handsome Kurdish nobleman, Ariadne believes she may have found her great love–and certainly Mehmet Ali falls for the beautiful and energetic teenager. Although she does love Mehmet Ali, though, Ariadne is obsessed with the crusading journalist Burhan Kayhanoly–who falls for her the moments she walks into his office to interview for an internship at the newspaper where he writes a regular column.

Burhan exposes Ariadne to the poverty and ignorance that, he believes, are holding his beloved nation down. Ariadne is especially sympathetic with the poor conditions for women–a sympathy made much stronger when Mehmet Ali’s sister weds a much older man–and then commits suicide. She dreams of a life with Burhan, together stomping out the corruption that is such a blight on Turkish society and politics.

Award-winning author Kristina O’Donnelly mixes past-life regression, tarot, and traditional Turkish magic with sensual passion and with adventure as Mehmet Ali, Ariadne, and Burhan sometimes cooperate and sometimes battle over the path to be taken by their nation (or even whether there should be a nation of Turkey rather than an independent Kurdistan). O’Donnelly blends in the past-lives over which these three have carried out their eternal triangle of love and dispair.

If you’re looking for a sexy romantic thriller with a fascinating setting, plenty of action, and a touch of magic, you won’t go wrong with THE HORSEMAN.

About the Author

Kristina O’Donnelly was born in Rome, Italy, from an Austrian mother and Italian/Albanian father, and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, until the threesome relocated to the United States.

Widow of her soulmate, Michael John O’Donnelly, a native of Co. Armagh, in Northern Ireland, Kristina is at home in Italy, Austria, Turkey, Ireland, as well as the United States of America. O’Donnelly is known for offering novels described as “imbibing exotic cocktails on the Orient Express.”

Her multi-cultural plots do include sizzling love affairs, but also controversial socio/political issues that are current, as well as ancient philosophies, no holds barred human emotions, and far-flung, beguiling locales.

Kristina is a firm believer in the can do, will do, spirit, and that one should never give up the good fight as every person’s effort, counts.
Her diversified rucksack of professional experiences span 25 + years and include acting, writing (journalist, columnist, editor, publisher), and advertising (12 years with the New York Daily News), union activism (The Newspaper Guild of America), even real estate sales.

Her novels have received several awards and been published in the USA as well as Canada, Spain, England, New Zealand and Turkey.

She is a Founder of Florida Writers Association, Inc.
Her main body of work is Lands of the Morning™, a series of kaleidoscopic, exotic, international, ethnically diverse novels, with excellent potential for a TV-series. The pervading theme in the Lands of the Morning™ Series is love, as well as social justice, controversial, all-consuming, and ultimately, redeeming. The trials, tribulations and triumphs of three respective families are traced from their roots in the mists of pre-history. They are the Berks, Trojans, the Alkibiades’, Achaeans, and the Kayhans, Turks. Skeins of exotic people, places and customs rooted in Turkey and branching out to Ireland, Israel, United States of America, Italy, Greece, and Saudi Arabia, interlace the subplots with the fast-growing scheme of events, climaxing in an unexpected denouement.

The fruit of a lifetime of research and writing, this series is fiction based upon authentic, contemporary as well as historical backgrounds and events.

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