ccdcdcd“Plan for the worst, hope for the best! That always sounded like such a sensible and cool philosophy, until it turns out for the worst,” says Arizona bounty hunter Victor Alvarez, the Huntsman, a tough Puerto Rican and ex-Army CID agent on the hunt for several bail bond jumpers.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By LUPITA SHESTKO

“The Huntsman” a fascinating real action book written by Victor Alvarez, one of my bounty hunters of my bail bonding business in Tucson, AZ
I am appreciative for the acknowledgment. I feel very accomplished. This book is dear to my heart.
I was mesmerized by the way Victor Alvarez described my town of the late 1980’s and of the details of his techniques of the era, in aims of finding his dangerous and stir crazy “jumpers on the loose. The usage of public phones, his ingenuity to finding them without a GPS’, laptops, or cell phones, all that motivated me to continue reading page after page.
Victor Alvarez knew how to balance his personal life with the passion of this work, as well –attributed to his charming personality, of course.
I understood the book and its intentions. True to the cover page of the book. A lone huntsman, armed with a weapon, the required handcuffs, a Stetson hat, his macho silhouette against the fiery color of flames, looking over from a close distance.
Victor Alvarez’ narration of the events made me feel that I was inches behind him when he was on surveillance and re-arrests, rushing me to feel that I could have taken a bullet or a punch or two!

About the Author

Victor Manuel Alvarez studied criminal justice at the University of Maryland, Military Campus Division while serving on active duty. He attended Ranger and Airborne schools, the US Army Jungle Warfare School, and is a retired US Army policeman, and criminal investigator (CID Agent). He is a combat veteran who served two ground combat tours during the Vietnam War, and served twenty years in the service of his country. He makes his home in San Antonio, Texas.

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