You are an innovative leader tangled in corporate red tape, facing intense pressure for growth amidst accelerating uncertainty. Put down your white flag with this “what to expect” guide for leading in the 21st century.  It delivers proven billion-dollar startup secrets reengineered for the enterprise to break up business log jams, stop internal dysfunction and create INTRApreneurs empowered to innovate at speed inside the corporate framework.

If you’re under constant pressure for double-digit growth.  If you struggle to achieve speed, make timely decisions and reach goals. If you spend too much time in meetings and not enough time making a difference— You are ready to lead The Innovation Revolution.  Grab an energy drink and join me on the high speed, high impact journey to save the enterprise.

What leaders are saying…

“The world is littered with dinosaur corporations who just can’t find a way to innovate and as a result become less relevant every day. Could this be you? Today’s best practices around startups can be yours as well. Simply take a read of this book and be both inspired to start as well as build a framework for effective innovation inside your company.”

— Chris Heivly, Co-Founder of MapQuest (sold to AOL for $1.2B), Startup Evangelist, Investor

“Many of us are leaders today because we recognized how our teams can thrive in this context out of trial and error… and with a dash of luck. Boy, what I would have done for a rule book! Well, now we have one. Go read this and start your own movement.”

— Hideo Esaka, Vice President, Client Systems Commercial Marketing, Dell Technologies

“Here is a powerhouse book on tips, tactics, and approaches to grow your business at warp speed using INTRApreneurs and the “smart speed method.” Melissa Kennedy has written a thought provoking book on leadership and innovation for the 21st century.”

— Luanne Tierney, Managing Member, Chief Marketing Officer, Fivesky

Inside this practical guide, find three parts to untangle the mess and actually deliver innovative results consistently at the speeding pace of change:


Engage in a 360-degree reality check that explains the flattening of business, the slowing of decision making, and how industry titans turn into cumbersome Titanics without even knowing it.


Explore the Smart Speed method. How it works. Why modern business needs it.  A step-by-step guide for effective leadership and success.


How to create consistent and effective change in an upward flow. How to make it stick. Shifting workplace behavior by retooling and empowering yourself, your employees and your organization. Dealing with personalities and roadblocks like fear, frustration and (lack of) focus.

Finally, activate the 250 field-tested questions, business innovation strategies and actions proven to harness innovation consistently from the genius hiding in plain sight inside organizations – your employees. Learn directly from real company case studies that have driven a billion in revenue and counting.

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“Innovation can be taught and fostered.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Janet M. Kennedy

I have worked with Melissa Kennedy (no relation) for years in the Startup community and interactive marketing space. I’m thrilled that she has finally published a book on innovation and intrapreneurship. Melissa has always been excellent at helping people, teams and organizations discover their “inner-innovator” and then harness it into something productive. You find this book an excellent primer on getting an innovative mindset instilled in your team that will lead to action.

About the Author

K. Melissa Kennedy parlayed many years working for and building successful companies into a unique process for harnessing hidden assets inside organizations and turning them into big-idea-generating, $1-billion-revenue-producing resources. (Spoiler alert: It’s the people.) She’s an internationally acclaimed innovation expert, MBA, and happy to share the not-so-secret actions that have led to billion-dollar outcomes for Fortune 100 corporations, major educational institutions, startup companies, and entrepreneurs.

Her no-nonsense, high-energy, and fun leadership approach empowers everyone to walk outside of the lines to success.

Some of Melissa’s billion-dollar successes:
• Pioneered one of the first social media strategic plans for Cisco Systems — including a monthly online video program that was viewed by 120,000 customers within the first year and ultimately helped add more than $1 billion to the sales pipeline
• Launched a comprehensive marketing initiative for NC State University — which led to its first $1 billion fundraising campaign
• Co-led the effort to raise $3.1 billion for North Carolina public universities and community colleges — the largest higher education bond referendum campaign in US history.

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