51hcPRd3R8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Iron Relic Book I: The Crossing follows paediatric oncologist Adam Calhoun as he searches for the truth behind a religious relic believed to possess the healing powers of Christ. In this fast-paced psychological thriller, betrayal and jealousy turn allies into enemies as the true power of the pendant, and the iron relic it protects, portends a second coming. On his deathbed, billionaire philanthropist Henry Calhoun entrusts a silver crucifix pendant to his dearly beloved great grandson, Adam, and entreats him to keep his possession of it a secret. For, he says, in the small chamber at the back of it rests the broken tip from one of the Holy Nails that pierced Christ’s flesh. The legacy soon becomes a nightmare bequest as mystery, murder and miracles ensue, with shadowy figures and thugs for hire crossing paths with Vatican emissaries and forbidden archaeological excavations. As his family implodes, Doctor Adam Calhoun fights not only for his own life, but that of those he loves in this exciting and inspirational thriller of faith, miracles and the quest for eternal life.

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” Intricate Religious Thriller”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kieran Hair

A dying billionaire gives his great grandson, a pediatric oncologist, a silver pendant with the stipulation that he must not tell anyone about the gift. It is believed to contain a relic, one of the nails that was used to crucify Jesus of Nazareth. This gift from one man to his grandson causes officials from the Vatican, lowlife criminals, and dying children to become entwined within a single narrative.

This is the core premise of “The Iron Relic, Book I: The Crossing,” but the story gets much more complicated than that. Why does one of Adam’s patients appear to have beaten terminal cancer overnight after maintaining temporary possession of the relic? How did a 119-year-old billionaire come into possession of such a powerful item? Why do so many people appear to know the power of the relic while Adam Calhoun, the man now at the center of the mystery, knows less than the criminal elements now harassing him at every turn? Questions and answers abound in this book, which promises to be the first in a series of religious thrillers centering on the relic in Adam’s possession.

If readers are likely to have any problem with this book, it is the fact that they are essentially forced into buying the next in the series if they want to even stand a chance at reaching a resolution. Not only is the relic’s story not completely resolved by the end, but the stakes are actually raised with a cliffhanger ending. Despite this one potential flaw, the book is incredibly well-written and is definitely worth a perusal. As long as the series continues to deliver this same high-caliber writing and intricate story, most readers will not feel put out by adding another volume or two to their collection.

About Bobby Hundley

Bobby Hundley was born in Albuquerque, NM to military parents. His father passed away tragically when he was only a baby. Bobby would spend much of his childhood moving around the globe as an Air Force “brat” which helped him develop a love for different people and cultures. He would later ask his mom if she would send him to military school so he could be like her. This experience proved to be two amazing years of his life and a time where he fell in love with books such as Catcher in the Rye. Mr. Hundley has gone on to serve as a producer, writer, actor and director in theatre, film, television and web based entertainment. He is a classically trained actor who received his post graduate training at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in London, England. His under graduate training was at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and California State University, Northridge. Mr. Hundley is currently the producing artistic director of the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre since late 2008. He has held positions as the producing artistic director of the University Wits Repertory (a theatre company which was based in Hollywood, CA), and worked at the Los Angeles Opera helmed by the late Peter Hemmings and then Placido Domingo. Mr. Hundley served as the co-director of the Arcangel Film Festival in San Gabriel, CA and is an Executive Producer at the Reel Artists Collective. In addition to co-authoring The Iron Relic Book Series, he is working on a book series for children entitled The Adventures of Princess Lainey.

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