The Irreducible Primary by Rob Taylor

An active cognizance of our influence on the big-picture flow of creation, in which we all participate, is the responsibility of every human being. It is only through this effort that we can understand those spiritual competencies that are most relevant to the critical cause-and-effect interactions that have the most sway over our existence.

So too is it incumbent on humans to embrace the concept of unconditional love, and to understand why we alone get to take the journey toward it. It is only in a space where spirituality is allowed to uncover our inner structure and dimensions of consciousness that we engage this important energy force.

The Irreducible Primary is an unapologetic examination of spirituality, nature, and the current state of human interaction. Here, spiritual seekers and religious types who’ve grown dissatisfied with religious dogma, along with individuals frustrated with governmental and political impotency, find fresh reason for hope.
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“Inspirational and Thought Provoking”

Five Star Review on Amazon By MelissaB

I give The Irreducible Primary a rating of five stars as it has been a long time since a work has led me to look at my inner life and primed a desire to make a change. It called me to examine the energy I draw into myself as well as the energy I wish to put out into the world. At a time when one can become frustrated with the direction they see our political and religious institutions moving in, Rob Taylor gives us hope that if we do our own inner work, we can make a difference. I recommend this inspiring book to anyone who wishes to gain insight for their spiritual journey and motivation to persevere.

About the Author

Rob Taylor is a California native now living in Canada. He has been spiritually active for over fifty years, with specific emphasis on observations relating to spirituality, human beings, and nature. Rob has participated in and examined nearly every major religion and spiritual methodology. He is also a US Marine Corps veteran, former law enforcement officer, and two-time cancer survivor.

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