51lPbnTX7ML._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Hidden in a small dark space, Angelina Beretta witnesses a brutal massacre ordered by Don Salvatore, the most powerful man in Brusnengo, Italy. Compelled to avenge the loss of the beloved souls, Angelina steps into the nest of the killer. Unskilled at playing a woman in distress, Angelina must act the part and place herself in the home of the murderer to search for answers from someone she trusts. Careful with every decision, she manages to hide her knowledge of the bloody betrayal, or so she thinks! The closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous her world becomes as Don Salvatore stretches out his powerful hand of manipulation to control her fate. In the chess match for victory, Angelina’s resolve will be tested beyond imagination, leaving her with two terrifying moves. Either will change her and her life forever! The Italian Rose, receiving 5-Star reviews, opens in a captivating blaze and continues to pull the reader through a graphic roller coaster of events; torturous murders, erotic sex, and more. A thrilling page turner you won’t want to miss!

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” I thought the novel was great!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Andrea O

I thought the novel was great!!! I do not typically read period pieces, but once I started it wasn’t heavy on the war end – story could’ve been set in present day with almost any war if one at all. The imagery portrayed by the author was spot on – the mystery, history, secrets and romances – after the 1st few pages I felt like I was on the vineyard myself ready to work.

While reading I had ALL types of hypothesis on where the story was going, but alas – the author caught me off guard! Huge twists and turns!!! Loved it.

Excited to read more from this author. Ready for “The Italian Rose PART Due (2)!!!!”

About the Author

Christina Mitchell grew up in an Italian family and enjoyed many Italian traditions, including large family meals and extravagant weddings. These occasions exposed her to the rich and colorful tapestry of Italian food, life and traditions, as well as the all-important Italian culture of respect and loyalty. In her college years, Christina continued to learn the psychology and sociology of individuals and cultures and their inner-workings in different environments. Having a natural intuition for understanding the nature of individuals and their internal thought processes, she has fused different personalities to create her unique characters. Christina has used her experiences, education and vibrant imagination to create her debut novel, The Italian Rose. Christina lives with her husband, David, in the suburbs of her home town of Kansas City, MO. She also has two sons, Jackson and Lucas, two step-children, Ray and Liz and three Papillons, Sam, Pepper and Mizzou.

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