The Itch of Murder

by – Christa Nardi (Author)

(Izzie Di Sante Mysteries Book 2)

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Book Description:

A well-dressed man killed at a demolition site, at night in a snow storm.

Izzie Di Sante loves a challenge and Chance Corcoran’s murder sparks her curiosity. While managing the day-to-day business of the family restaurant, she searches for some connection between the victim and the site of the future Elite Townhomes. A co-worker of the victim disappears, the foreperson of the construction site is injured, and someone’s after Izzie. In the midst of planning an Easter buffet, she smells a connection between his murder and a new elite housing development. Can she solve the case before everything comes crumbling down?

Reviews for the Book

I enjoyed book 2 of the "Izzie Di Sante Mysteries" series. I appreciated that the author has written a complicated and involved murder mystery without providing graphic detail. I liked the way that the author described the characters and provided details that helped to establish a picture of the lives and times of those employed in the restaurant business. I found it fun to try and figure out the culprit by the subtle details that were scattered throughout the story. Janelle Bennett's narration was fine, and her performance was pleasant. I was given a free copy of the audiobook, and I have voluntarily posted this review. - Laura

About the Author: Christa Nardi

Christa Nardi is an accomplished author of cozy mysteries. Christa’s background is in higher education and psychology, much as her protagonist, Sheridan Hendley in the Cold Creek mystery series. She has always loved mysteries – reading them, writing them, and solving them. Christa is a member of Sisters in Crime. When not writing or reading, Christa and her husband enjoy travel, three grandchildren, and their dogs.

Murder at Cold Creek College is the first in the Cold Creek series, set in a small, fictitious town in Virginia and Sheridan is an accidental sleuth called on to assist the detective in charge of a colleague’s murder. The fifth and last in the series, Murder and a Wedding, was released on August 10, 2017. Sheridan may be moving, but she still gets involved in mysteries with the Sheridan Hendley series.

Christa also authors the Stacie Maroni Myseries. Stacie is a strong female at a crossroads in her life who works with victims of domestic violence. Going back to memories of the Dana Girls,

Christa collaborates with Cassidy Salem on a YA mystery series featuring teen sisters.

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