In small and isolated communities, such as the hamlet on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, lots happen that does not gain publicity. Without publicity, in some cases, decent, wicked or obnoxious practices continue without any scrutiny. Mythical stories and dogmatic practices appear to govern the lives of the village folk and those beliefs appear to inhibit development or the ability to change and improve community wellbeing.

People who influence change are the mighty, the powerful and the globally famous; but Matendeo, however, was none of that. But he did manage to influence change.

A catastrophic event forced the divulging of carnal secrets. That shock pushed all of the village folk to seek help to cast away the curse. Matendeo was able to help in the casting out of the jinx and bring improvement in the wellbeing of the village folk.

This story, verbally passed through generations, could be lost if not put into print, saving lamenting for the lost past.

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