The Journey of REGTECH covers a wide range of topics such as FinTech, RegTech (Regulation Technology), Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection, Disruption of the Blockchain and the application of FinTech in international environments.
The digital transformation is continuously evolving and the niche areas are in demand. Recent reports forecasted that investment in RegTech would touch more than $ 76 billion by 2022.
The RegTech industry has identified itself as one of the crucial areas of development of the financial sector. This book covers the Yin and Yang of RegTech, critical pillars of RegTech, the role of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain in RegTech, how FinTech Innovation has tied all the new-age Technologies and has re-defined RegTech possibilities and what all of this will look like in the period after the 2020 crisis.
This valuable guide takes the reader through the journey of RegTech which will enhance knowledge and confidence and develop innovative thinking via the insights provided within each chapter.
The Journey of REGTECH is edited by leading professionals and written by seasoned IT professionals working in Banking and Financial Services, specifically in the field of FinTech.

Vivek Dubey – Senior Manager, Insights & Data Practice, Capgemini, United Kingdom
Dr. Awadhesh Pratap Singh – Senior Director, Head of Wealth & Investment Management IT, Barclays, Glasgow, UK
Rakesh Sonar – Portfolio Manager, Insights & Data Practice, Capgemini, United Kingdom
Anindya Mohanty – Senior Manager, Insights & Data Practice, Capgemini, USA