The Judas Inheritance by James Collins

Ancient evil stalks a Greek island

An ancient curse? Desperation in the economic crisis? What is causing the suicides of so many adults and children on this small Greek island? When Chris Trelawney arrives on the island to take away his late father’s belongings, he finds that he has been left little more than a mystery. Was his father mad at the time of his death, or did he actually believe that he had awakened a powerful evil? An ancient evil that now stalks the islanders, growing stronger by the day. A curse that will cause the death of everyone around Chris unless he allows himself to believe that such things exist. But when he discovers the truth, Chris realises that death is the easy option.

The Judas Inheritance was inspired by the ruins of a village on the Greek island of Symi in the Dodecanese. The story is complete fiction, but I was captivated by the mysterious dates, numbers, and names that appear on many of these hauntingly strange buildings that seem to conjure up a curiosity about the lives of the people who once might have lived there. While the story is set on an imaginary island, visitors to Symi will recognise a number of features which I have borrowed.

In 2013 a motion picture adaptation of The Judas Inheritance, called The Judas Curse, was filmed in Greece. It is important to stress that film adaptations, of necessity, are often markedly different from the books on which they are based. This is the novel version of the original story before it was adapted for film.
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Just finished chapter 17 & loving this book. Only …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Miss J J Moffat

Just finished chapter 17 & loving this book. Only managing to read every so often (weekends when not working) but when I do I don’t want to put it down! When I heard it was a horror I was reluctant to buy but to get a signed copy from James I could not resist! Will update when finished.

About the Author

James is the author of 11 books to date. His first horror novel ‘The Judas Inheritance’ was adapted for film in 2013 (The Thirteenth).

James Collins was born in England during the winter of 1963. He holds a Masters degree and has taught theatre and music. He has written several musicals, all performed in the United Kingdom, and has worked on the cabaret circuit. He was awarded an Arts Council of Great Britain award for creativity in 2000 and holds an EGPA award for his writing.

He moved to the warmer climate of Greece in 2002 and has been happily writing novels ever since.

“James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties, and in reporting what he sees with kind humour and a writer’s eye for the details essential to lively travel writing.” Anne Zouroudi, author of Bloomsbury’s Greek Detective mysteries.

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