The Jug & Hare Bathhouse by Graham Williams

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Book Description:

The book deals with a timeless subject, which is as relevant today as it was at the time of King James – the abduction and sexual abuse of children. It is handled sensitively and a distinction is drawn between same-sex, loving partnerships and the cruel use of children bought and sold for the sexual gratification of often wealthy “clientele”.

The story and plot are exciting and well-balanced, with the right amount of tension to make you want to keep on reading. There is a real sense of being in London in the reign of King James and an atmospheric feeling about the taverns, shops and streets as well as the bathhouse itself, all linked to the river Thames and famous theatres of the time. The characters are great and very believable and the action scenes well-written and full of high adventure. It also comes to an uplifting and optimistic conclusion, with some surprising and joyful twists.
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“The understanding of life from the very poor and abused , to the life of the rich and wealthy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Helen Williams

A most enjoyable read.
It brings to life a real taste of life in London in the 17 th century..
Excellently written.
A book I can really recommend as a good read .
look forward to reading book 2

About the Author

Being retired I now have the time to write and tell wonderful stories.

Registered blind and profoundly dyslexic, I rely on the wonders of technology to express myself and to live.

Spending many hours walking around London, the places, sounds and smells of the city give me the most of my inspiration…

I believe that to know one’s history is to know one’s self. And therefore, with my love of history and my own life experiences from over six decades, I am able to tell many stories. I hope you enjoy them.

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The Jug & Hare Bathhouse by Graham Williams Share
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