Twelve-year old Bryan Issac Yards, a seventh-grader attending middle school is facing numerous challenges in his life including dealing with the recent separation of his parents, moving to a new apartment, managing a negative friendship, and reacting to school issues including studying for a big test and making a public speech. Through it all, he uses little secrets and techniques to successfully navigate through life’s daily concerns, including the power of attraction, visualization and positive thinking. The story if framed against the backdrop of a roller hockey league and Bryan’s ability to attract a star girl goalie to his team. Despite injuries and distractions, can the Blue Bombers turn their season around and redeem last year’s loss in the championship game? More importantly, can Bryan’s parents repair their marriage? Bryan’s best friend – a Boston Terrier – provides moral support every step of the way.
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My Son Loved It”

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A great book for a boy or girl between the ages of 10 and 14. It tells the story of how a boy overcomes the separation of his parents (they get back together in the end) and realizes his dreams of performing well on his hockey team using the power of attraction. He imagines success and then the positive outcomes he imagines actually happen for him including his parents repairing their relationship. My son loved it. He found it so engaging he read the whole thing in about two days.

About the Author

Larry Lichtenauer resides in Reisterstown, Maryland with his wife Linda and three sons, along with two dogs – Roxy and Boh.
He graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree from the College of Journalism before embarking on a career in the public relations, marketing and communication industries. He founded a full-service agency that serves the needs of local, regional and national clients, with a focus on the commercial real estate sector, in 1996.

Upon graduation from college, Larry organized the Touch Football League (TFL), a Sunday morning men’s league that featured twenty teams at the height of its popularity.

While helping his wife raise their children, he served as head coach for more than fifty different sports teams involved with baseball, basketball, lacrosse, roller hockey and soccer. Counting the sports activities his kids participated with in high school, college and on club teams, he has been associated with more than 100 teams. These experiences and observations formed the basis of his first book: 101 Sports Tips to Help Improve the Youth Sports Experience, which was published in 2010.

He passionately follows University of Maryland basketball and the Washington Capitals.

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