THE KING AND HIS QUEEN: A Tale Of Love; One True Match

This remarkable tale of love as told through Celeste's eyes takes on a new and defining twist when she was captured.
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Book Description:

At last, The King and His Queen is here! If you had to risk it all for love, would you? This bestselling young author , Zoë Bo has made a glorious entry into the classic world of Vasileía with this epic love story about love, mystery, family feud and fighting for what the heart wants in this epic plot definition told in The King and His Queen.When King Daerius and Celeste Galanis met in Vasileía, a bonding love story was born at first-sight. Until now, no one heard Celeste’s side of this story. At last, you can experience Celeste’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, The King and His Queen: A Tale of Love; One True Match.

This remarkable tale of love as told through Celeste’s eyes takes on a new and defining twist when she was captured. An encounter with Celeste is both frightening and exciting for the King as he has never experienced in all his reign as a King. Why would our enemies send a woman spy?

As we learn more charming details about King Daerius’ past and the difficulty of his inner thoughts, and losing his father so young, we will understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. But can the King justify following his heart if it means leading Vasileía into what has never been done before?

In The King And His Queen, Zoë Bo takes us back to this ancient world that has enchanted millions of readers and brings us a stout heroic novel about the deep pleasures of love and the distressing costs of war and hate. In their vicious battle of will, somethings have give.

Will The King and His Queen sacrifice their love for the pride of the Kingdom? Find out more in this exciting teen and young adult prime book.

Zoë Bo (Author)
Zoë Bo is a writer of unique and passionate poetry and prose. Her writing bears a heft and wisdom weight far beyond her age. Born and raised in London, her talent and enthusiasm were nurtured and encouraged from a very young age. She is obsessed with history and classic literature, mostly Roman-Greek culture. This influence is strong and obvious in her work. Aside from writing, Zoë’s interests include: arts, architectural design, and music. She sings and loves gospel music from the likes of Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Greene, and Mali etc… Zoë is still in school but, her work is unique and inspiring. Her industry savoir-faire and skills mean she is certainly one to watch out for.
Dear Reader, author’s recently published book “THE KING AND HIS QUEEN: A Tale Of Love; One True Match” is now available on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
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