The King of Gems

by – Jim Cronin (Author)

Dragons, monsters, and stranded aliens.

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Book Description:

Dragons, monsters, and stranded aliens. Dr. Anthony Kennan is a renowned astrophysicist and master player in the King of Gems video simulation game. But will his knowledge and skills be enough when he encounters the Chandrans, alien beings who have been trapped in the game? This story by Jim Cronin combines the best of both science fiction and fantasy worlds where Star Trek and Dungeon and Dragons-style adventures come together in a new and grand tale.

Reviews for the Book

4 out of 4 Stars from Literary Titan:
The King of Gems is a well paced story that is intellectually invigorating. With rarely a dull moment readers will be pulled into this epic fantasy saga that is equal amounts fun and interesting.
Jim Cronin certainly knows how to write deeply thoughtful science fiction while taking contemporary ideas to their extreme. The author knows how to end a chapter as well, leaving readers wanting more and making it very hard to find a good spot to put this book down. The ending to the novel was satisfying as well while still leaving just enough for the possibility of a follow-up book in the future.
5 Stars from Readers Favorites!
Who doesn't love an epic adventure sci-fi fantasy tale filled with advanced aliens, powerful dragons, and brave knights? Author Jim Cronin mixes D&D roleplaying aspects with some conceptual scientific theories to create a wild rollercoaster of a tale that's devoid of a single dull moment and keeps you entertained until the end. Imagine Ready Player One set in space and featuring an advanced alien civilization. That's what The King of Gems feels like. The characters are likable and easy to root for. They have colorful personalities that pop out of the pages and keep you captivated all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves D&D-inspired fantasy and futuristic sci-fi stories.
5 Star Review!
As a D&D player myself, sometimes the simplest stories produce the most fun, without the need for highbrow complex over-plotting or allegorical theming that takes away from the root of the action. Author Jim Cronin has achieved this balance of simplicity and enjoyment in fantasy fiction whilst also delivering great cinematic writing and some really clever twists. That's not to say that the work is without concept, for its underlying science fiction theories are well placed and cleverly unpacked, but they never detract from the fun, thrills, and action of the work, which keeps up the fast pace of the plot. I also felt that the attitudes toward gaming of all kinds were really celebratory of the format and inspiring for creative thinkers. Overall, I'd certainly recommend The King of Gems to any sci-fi or fantasy reader seeking a talented new author to discover.

About the Author: Jim Cronin

Hello! I am a retired Secondary Science teacher, currently working part-time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, still following my love of science education.

I began my life as an author after retirement as a way to express myself in new and challenging ways. The result was beyond my wildest dreams. The Brin Archives is my scifi trilogy about time-travel, genetics, alien encounters, and the efforts of a small group of individuals to save the galaxy. Aeon Rises is my exploration into young adult scifi with the teenage hero facing an invasion of evil alien librarians.

To my surprise, and great honor, my books have earned critical acclaim through a number of awards for their quality writing and story telling. Most recently, I received the 2021 Book Excellence Finalist Award for Aeon Rises.

When I am not working or writing, I spend my time spoinling my five grandchildren rotten. After all, that is the job description of a grandpa, right?

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