The Last Resort

by – DAVID STRAUSS (Author)

But it can be murder living there.

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Book Description:

Have you ever wondered about what happens in a small seaside resort out of season?

Do the inhabitants go into hibernation? Not in Little Havering.

There are no zombies there, nor are there vampires.

But it can be murder living there.

Reviews for the Book

The Last Resort is a classic whodunnit in the long and glorious tradition of English murder mysteries situated in close-nit communities where nothing is supposed to happen but invariably does - with a vengeance. Mr Strauss has carefully crafted this page-turner with all the twists and turns of the genre, painstakingly building the plot brick by brick until all is revealed at the very end. Mr Strauss is clearly a keen observer of human behavior as well as being a consummate wit and master of the English language, strengths which are amply reflected throughout the text. Can this really be Mr Strauss’s first published novel? Hopefully, a sequel is in the pipeline. 
- Swiss fan of The Last Resort