fgfgfgfIn this short and witty novella, Jake traverses a treacherous path between heaven and hell to reunite with his beloved Bernadette. A vacation celebrating their Silver Anniversary goes very wrong, and so the bizarre journey begins.

     Jake’s premature death is the catalyst for this comical, suspenseful, and thrilling page-turner. Love is the fuel that empowers his resolute stubbornness.
     “The Last Train” is a romantic comedy with a symphony of twists that defy an accurate genre classification. You will face the most unusual life-after-death situations throughout. Angels and demons fight, and crazy people roam these pages. ‘Oddballs’ is not limited to humans in this fantasy adventure.
     Humor and horror face our sarcastic hero, labeled “heaven’s most wanted.” It has been described as, “Laugh out loud funny” and, “Bloody brilliant!” Like many small packages, it contains an amazing and memorable gift from Richard Alan to you.
              #Fantasy   #Adventure   #Comedy   #Tragedy   #Romance   #Novella
                    #Afterlife   #Possession   #Horror  #Demon   #Angel   #Asylum

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“Full of surprises”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Susan Day

This intriguing tale definitely kept me guessing from the start. Our protagonist, Jake, ends up in heaven, he thinks, but his tough, macho attitude doesn’t fit. He is encouraged to be patient, he is not. He has to learn a new language that is not human and learn new disciplines that are not of this Earth. The love of his life, Bernadette, didn’t follow him to this place and he’s lost without her.

This book is enjoyable because it is well-written. The plot moves along at a cracking pace. Jake’s interior monologue is crafted well and the reader finds him or herself gradually getting to know him better as the story progresses.

This book covers many genres from sci-fi, fantasy and romance. It certainly has something for all adult readers. It’s not a long book but it is jam-packed with details and meaning. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

About the Author

Richard Alan always had a vivid imagination. He has treated life as a great adventure guided by curiosity, and boldness. He learned from his experiences, which included many mistakes. With a strong mind and a sensitive heart, he has dedicated himself to being an eternal student, and natural sage and counselor to others.

His path began in 1953 and intersected with the rapidly changing world and many monumental events. He traversed the world of music, which included the rock revolution. His talent for writing began with lyrics at the age of seven, shortly after teaching himself to play the guitar. He became a singer/songwriter as the leader of several stylized bands and as a soloist. The majority of his music was written and performed for nonprofit causes. This led him to journalism and poetry that spoke their sentiments. He shocked his creative writing teachers when he journeyed on the dark side, which he still enjoys.

His short stories were first seen in magazines and are now being collected for indie publishing. When his wife became pregnant, he began writing children’s stories and a young fantasy. Screenwriting for The Twilight Zone expressed his spooky side in the late 1980s.

After he adjusted to permanent disability through the 90s, he returned to writing fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, humor, creative nonfiction, romance, suspense, dystopian and adventure. He is not restricted to these genres as he enjoys a challenge, always with success and awaiting publication. Curiosity still drives him. What’s next? We’ll see.

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