The Lazarus Paradox

The girl's best friend was raped and murdered and her twin brother has disappeared.
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Book Description:

In The Spengler Algorithm forensic psychologist Marcus Tatem becomes involved in a deadly and startling conspiracy where nothing is as it seems and the stakes are the very survival of America as a world power. In the stunning conclusion of The Spengler Algorithm, Tatem is left a shattered man. In The Lazarus Paradox, the sequel to The Spengler Algorithm, after a stay in the hospital Tatem requests a leave from his teaching position at Columbia University and relocates to Ventnor, New Jersey. As a favor to a friend, Tatem agrees to try to help a disturbed fourteen-year-old girl. The girl’s best friend was raped and murdered and her twin brother has disappeared. The girl has unusual abilities, however, and Tatem’s involvement with her will lead him on the trail of a serial rapist and murderer and then to discover what happened to the girl’s brother. Not only does the brother’s life hang in the balance, but the fate of his soul as well for the boy has traveled to the very gates of heaven and the fires of hell. In The Lazarus Paradox Tatem’s efforts to rescue the boy and girl involve him in the most remarkable investigation of his career in a story that has been compared to The Dead Zone and The Exorcist.

John Kellmayer (Author)
Dr. John Kellmayer’s new novel, Teacher On the Brink, is now available on Amazon. Teacher On the Brink is nothing less than an indictment of public education and the school reform movement. Teachers are tired of being scapegoated for everything that’s wrong in American society. They are bashed by public officials while facing unfair accountability demands, unsafe teaching conditions, and salary and benefit reductions. The unforgettable protagonist of Teacher On the Brink, a 26-year old alternate route teacher, is one of them, struggling with his own demons, and like his students and teaching colleagues, failed by the system. The protagonist discovers that his students’ demons are even worse than his own and undergoes a profound personal metamorphosis as he teaches at-risk students. But unfortunately, events at the school take a tragic and unexpected turn. In the end, the young teacher makes a fateful decision to strike back at the system Dr. Kellmayer is a NJ school district superintendent, a faculty member in the Applied Research Center of Nova Southeastern University, and a writer of fiction and non-fiction. A former writing instructor on the faculties of Temple and Penn State Universities, Dr. Kellmayer in an insider in the academic world. He’s taught elementary, middle, and high school and was a high school principal. He has taught undergraduate and graduate students and has served on more than 150 dissertation committees. Dr. Kellmayer has seen countless educational reform efforts come and go, but he believes that many of the current reform efforts are misdirected and counter-productive. Dr Kellmayer’s Publications on At-Risk Youth * How To Establish an Alternative School, Corwin Press, 1995 * Educating Chronically Disruptive and Disaffected High School Students, NASSP Bulletin, January 1995 * Disruptive High-Schoolers Start Over on College Campus, The Education Digest, December 1993 * At-Risk High School Students Go To College in Seven NJ Counties, Educational Viewpoints, April 1994 * Building Educational Alternatives for At-Risk Youth: A Primer, The High School Magazine, October 1998 * The Mouse in the Microwave, At-Risk Youth America Publications, 2012
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