“The legend of Cranbury Wood.” by Robert S Baker

A forgotten history of when Witches congregated in Cranbury wood, were captured, raped, and tortured, cast into the flames of the burning barn where they met on the full moon to practice their arts. One Witch cursed the villagers from the flames, promising to return. When the flames finally receded, the ashes were spread amongst the trees by the villagers although no bones were found.

James Jones centuries later, working on his grandfather’s farm adjacent to Cranbury wood was preparing the field for seeding late in the evening. James stared through the windscreen of his tractor, believing he could see female figures in the headlights dancing around the trees; distracting him from his original thoughts of Jenny, his wife, who stayed in London more than she ever did at home with him and their two children. Jenny had a secret she concealed for eighteen years about to be revealed, which would shatter James’s life forever.

No one remembered the Witches curse and the words she spoke hundreds of years ago. Many of the residents of Croft village throughout the centuries had suffered an untimely death without explanation in recompense for their bloodline sins, and the curse was not finished with Croft village.

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