Jim Edwards is the Father of Commander Jacob Edwards the famed ‘Hero of Cozumel’. The whole world knows about the exploits of his son and how in hand to hand combat he fought and killed the most lethal pirate of modern day history off Cozumel Mexico thirteen years ago. Jim, at 70 years old, helped in the rescue of his son, daughter in law, grand child, and wife from a maximum security prison in Central America where they were being held captive in an elaborate ploy to take over Jim’s business. Captain Tommy Williams the retired Seal Team commander and leader of the rescue has had a lot of questions about Jim’s pasts for a long time. All he knows is that Jim was a sheriff deputy in the early 1970’s in Sheridan County Wyoming. But when he looked into his records he found nothing about his two years serving in that department. After the rescue, Jim invites Tommy to visit Sheridan with his family. Tommy uses the opportunity to find out the truth of why some of the local Law enforcement people refer to the story as “The Legend of Deputy Jim”.

It is 1974 and Sheridan’s newest deputy has a big problem. The Wild Wolves Biker gang all want him dead. Jim’s got a beautiful young wife and a four year old son to think about. Sheriff Manning and his top Lt., Al Freeburger think Jims the best deputy they’ve ever had but Jim’s got a temper and it got him in some pretty hot water this time. The Wolves want Jim’s blood, and one of them wants Jim’s wife too. Can Deputy Jim handle this one? We’ll see.

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