51hKVcsbGUL._SY373_BO1,204,203,200_‘My dearest Johanna,
I pray you never have to read this letter while your father and I are alive.’
So begins Magda’s letter to her daughter urging her to change identity, and to run and hide.
Unable to decipher her mother’s warning letter after surviving an assault in Switzerland, a wounded Johanna Wagner returns home to uncover the family mystery. Johanna and Michael Warner, the doomed and surviving children of the condemned families, find each other and unite against pursuing killers as they run and hide to unravel the deadly mystery.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Perri

This is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. It is hard to believe what all goes on but that is what kept me interested. I just can’t imagine having the talent to write a story with so many twists and turns. I would definately read more by Gus Leodas and might re read this someday. The bonus is that it was free from Amazon to my Kindle.

About the Author

A SORORITY OF ANGELS was selected as a FINALIST by ForeWord Reviews for its BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS.
An Amazon Best Seller author, I am a member of Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, Directors Guild of America,and AHEPA.
All my novels feature strong women, good or evil.
And as Aristophanes wrote: ‘There is no animal more invincible than a woman, nor fire either, nor any wildcat so ruthless’.
You will either love or hate my ‘women’, but they will entertain you.
I loved writing my novels because I found them challenging,
entertaining, and satisfying. It is my hope that they satisfy you with their intriguing and page-turning plots.
My website is http://www.gusleodas.com for additional book information including reviews and awards.
Contact me at www.gleodas@optonline.net.
THE LETTER FROM MAGDA, a mystery thriller (features a good woman) listed at #12 in an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller list.
My previous novel, A SORORITY OF ANGELS, published in March 2012, was listed at #10 in an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller list. (features strong good women) Earlier, another of my novels, THE FORGOTTEN MISSION, was listed at #17 in an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller list. (features a young woman…teenager)
On 12/2/2012 UNSAFE HARBOR, a mystery thriller, listed on an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller list. (features good and evil women) HUNTRESS also made the list.
– THE DEVIL WALKS BESIDE HER features an evil woman was released in April 2013.
After graduating from New York University, I joined a major advertising agency in Manhattan and worked on national television commercials. I also produced and directed several hundred commercials and other film projects at my own creative and production company. I received more than three dozen awards. I wrote advertising and sales copy, short stories, and continue with writing and editing two future thrillers. I recently completed two screenplays – adaptations of HUNTRESS and THE FORGOTTEN MISSION.

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