Looking at family life from the inside out is totally different from looking at it from the outside in. In my Book there’s one person named, Magdaline Slatewood. She was born into a big family, where her parents were married but actually lived in two separate homes a lot of the time. But they were still able to provide the love; discipline and guidance that she needed to maintain a good life. My book let’s families understand that even when you try to do the right things in life; your life will still be filled with many obstacles, struggles and surprises. One can never look at the problem and throw their hands up. Always work toward a solution. Magdaline’s parents were determine not to be defeated in their marriage of over 40 years. She was motivated by their marriage, that it takes patience, determination, self-control and commitment to reach her goals in life. Both parents were determined to make sure their kids were not subject to neglect in any way and good taken care of. It required the both of them to become one at heart and stay true to their vows, but to operate separately, working for the common goal that both families would still become one. They realize that this would not happen over night, it would take time. It did happen through many years of challenges. Both families became as one big family, not perfect, but showing respect for one another! As for Magdaline, she believes that everybody is somebody. She knew life wasn’t always fair, but she believed in treating others fair with an open mind. Her motto is: the world would be a better place if we would show more love toward one another. Life may not be fair just continue to work at it, you can get the outcome you want! Magdaline’s life was not always peaches and cream. She also experience some days of lemons and limes. In those times, she often prayed for wisdom and strength. Her faith is strong in God through Christ. Philippians 4:13 says: I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!
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About the Author

Mildred M Stallworth, is the owner and manager of Stallworth WorldWide LLC, located in Monroeville AL.

Mildred was born in Monroeville, AL on October 2, 1961 to two loving parents. She graduated from Monroe County High School in Monroeville AL. in May 1979 and from Patrick Henry State Junior College with an AA Degree in Secretarial Studies in May, 1981. She then attended Alabama A&M University in the fall of 1981 to obtain a degree in Office Administration. In 2016 she made an investment at Elevate Education in Jackson WY, where she started her business venture.

Mildred learned quickly when she started elementary school at the age of 5 years old that no two people were alike. Life to her meant seeing other people happy. Mildred has always been avid about having good relationships; from family, friends, co-worker too strangers. She says, “Communication is the key to having strong, loving relationships”. Growing up in a large family made her appreciate the beauty of uniqueness in an individual. Having many personalities present in her home, she was given the opportunities to understand other people from all facets of life, such as; their likes, dislikes,mindset, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses.

From childhood, Mildred’s goal was to become a self-sufficient,successful entrepreneur. She knew that businesses were formed through relationships.With those very same personalities that were in her home, she was convinced these were the same type people that she would meet in society to do business with.

Mildred enjoys reading, writing and meeting new people. Writing her first book, she says, it was a pleasure and an honor. As a writer, she feels that establishing good strong, healthy relationships has provided her a source of fulfillment by bringing new people in her life to help her reach her goals.

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