cdvvcIN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen-year-old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home. She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife and the aunt she idolises. Little does Kate know that by going to attend Anne Boleyn she will discover love and a secret that will shake the very foundations of her identity. An attendant to Anne Boleyn, Kate is also swept up in events that see her witness her aunt’s darkest days. By the time winter ends, Kate will be changed forever.

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“Best Tudor Historical Fiction”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lara Salzano

I am an avid Tudor history reader.. and Wendy’s new book has to be my favourite historical fiction book by far ! I loved the book so much , I was sad for it to end. .. I remember being a young teenager ( long ago ) .. and I found myself empathising and connecting with the young Kate Carey..

The Light in the Labyrinth is a beautifully written book : a gem :

I savoured every word; words written with so much “colour” …Even though I know the story of Queen Anne Boleyn .. Wendy’s perspective on her last days.. is missing in so many other books of the genre ..

Wendy J Dunn gives Grace to the history and an honest , and very compassionate look at Anne’s last days .. especially in The Tower..

I cried in the end.. ( even though I know the tale ) … Shedding tears for the young Kate, Anne and her little Bess… I have not yet read a Tudor book that has moved me to tears.. as this wonderful journey does..
I enjoyed every page and chapter.. not wanting to put the book down.. Lamenting the fact it had to end..
Wendy’s dedication and research shines through : in this unforgettable book.. not just for young readers, but for all .. 🙂

I would recommend this book to all my friends, and encourage that schools would also find it a great book to introduce students to the world of history !

About the Author

My name is Wendy J. Dunn, and I am the author of Dear Heart, How Like You This? and The Light in the Labyrinth. I am passionate about history. I am also passionate about reading, writing, and books. I know about the power of books. I know about it because a history book written for children – a book I received for my tenth birthday – changed my life. At ten, I needed a hero, a guiding light that would help me navigate through those difficult growing up years. A chapter in that book was about Elizabeth I. She became my first hero, and wanting to know more about her introduced me to my second, her mother, Anne Boleyn. Their stories gave me examples of strong and determined women – women who seized their voices and true identities in a time when women were told to be silent and remember their inferiority.

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