The prospect of leaving Emerald Lake excites Lucy. She imagines that she will gain the chance to live more freely among st the humans, and leave behind the world of conformity that the Isleyns cherish. But can she really embrace the experience in a dorm filled with her classmates, a constant reminder of the world she aches to leave behind? A chance encounter with a member of the Isleyns’ rival race leads Lucy to a world filled with sin – and everything changes. Her exposure to their dark and lawless world scares her, but excites her all the same. As she looks ahead to a new life – and exploring the unexpected love she finds within it – she realizes that there is no way to separate from her past, while memories remain. The Light Of Ives Memories Remain is the first novel of The Light Of Ives series.

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Official Twitter account for Kristen Traganas. Author of The Light of Ives series. Her debut novel Memories Remain is out now (Amazon, Lulu, etc)

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