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The Little Wire Hanger In The Closet by Isreba Wheeler aka Hope Syndreamz

The Little Wire Hanger In The Closet by Isreba Wheeler aka Hope Syndreamz

The Little Wire Hanger in the Closet takes you on a historic journey, teaching the children a little about how wire hangers evolved.  The storyline also brings the spotlight to the little scrawny one that is less pleasing to the eye than most of those around him.  Yet, he learns that it’s okay to stand up and believe in yourself even though the others talk about him, make fun of him and bully him because they think they are better than him.

The Little Wire Hanger in the Closet is full of great examples that will help every parent, grandparent, or teacher explain the meanness of bullying and show children the benefits of believing in their own self-worth.

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About the Author

Isreba Wheeler aka Hope Syndreamz has loved writing ever since she was in elementary school. At that time she was into poetry and won a few poetry contests in school. Soon after, Isreba began to write stories for all of the children to read. The teachers told Isreba that her writing was over the heads of her classmates and when she got older, maybe then she should pursue writing as a career, but not now. So Hope stopped writing…until she was an adult. Hope joined a magazine staff for a while, but shortly thereafter connected with Illustrator Sky Owens and created Dumplinz Books. When Isreba was asked what inspired her to write children’s books, she stated, “Entertaining the vulnerable tiny fresh minds of our children today. Too much of life’s negativity and nonsense trickles down into their bowls of cereal and they are forced to eat it up along with life’s innocent lessons. I wanted to bring some morals and fun back into the eyes of these children, our children. I wanted to open up their mind’s eye again and help them recapture the essence of imagination. I hope one day my children’s books will inspire a child to sit me down when I am old and grey…make up a story off of the top of their heads, and tell me that story.

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