The Lord’s Prayer – A Revisitation by Anthony R. Vacanti

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Book Description:

I cannot remember a time when I did not “know” The Lord’s Prayer. I could recite it before I could read it, but when I “prayed” it, I would merely speed through it as if it were all one uninterrupted thought. I almost never paused to meditate on each of the petitions that comprise this Prayer, as I am sure Jesus intended us to do. I was, after all, a child. I “understood” the petitions and Themes of The Lord’s Prayer, but with a child’s mind.

When I got older, and I accepted God’s invitation to the relationship He wanted to have with me, I also began to study God’s Word. Having already “learned” The Lord’s Prayer, it never occurred to me to go back to the “beginning” to review it. I thought I knew it! I incorrectly viewed The Lord’s Prayer as the spiritual equivalent of 1+1=2. Since I already “knew it,” why would I need to review the basics? It was time, or so I thought, to move on to deeper spiritual matters.

Finally, after some four decades of Bible Study, I did review The Lord’s Prayer in preparation for the weekly Bible Study I conduct. I found, much to my shock and delight, that I didn’t really know this prayer. As I prepared the Bible Study, I found myself reading it as if for the first time. God began to “turn the lights on” this Prayer for me. The experience was astounding. My Study was very well received. Those who were in attendance shared with me that they, too, had never realized what this Prayer was all about! Do you know it? If, like me, you “learned” The Lord’s Prayer as a child, it is time to revisit it as a mature believer. I have updated my original notes to the Bible Study, and I present them, here, in book form. I will share with you its many fascinating, unfolding and interconnected Themes, and their meanings. Pull up a chair, and join me in this Study. The Kindle version has been revised and expanded since its original publication in March, 2017. It’s content is identical to the paperback version published in May, 2017.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Terry L. Johnson

This book was the most detailed book on the Lord’s prayer I have ever read. Very inspiring. Well written and very easy to understand. I highly recommend!


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