The Madwoman of Preacher’s Cove

by Joy Ross Davis (Author)

In Preacher's Cove, disfigured artist Lucy weaves a chilling tale of eerie dolls, ancient secrets, and mysterious deaths for a determined reporter.

Book Description:​

THE MADWOMAN OF PREACHER’S COVE tells the story of Lucy Addams, a woman who was horribly disfigured in a fire that claimed the lives of her husband and children. After the tragic loss of her beauty, her voice, and her family, Lucy became an artistic genius, sculpting lifelike dolls—replicas of the children of Preacher’s Cove. Lucy, and her workshop, are hidden in the back of the local resort—a hotel and restaurant complex owned and operated by her sister, Libby.Following a series of deaths by lightning strike in Preacher’s Cove, a handsome investigative reporter arrives to solve the mystery of the coincidental accidents. Lucy and Libby find themselves facing yet another enemy. As keepers of an ancient treasure—a secret that binds them—they alone know why the deaths have occurred, and more importantly, how to stop them. With the eventual help of Libby and Lucy, the reporter finds a sacred place in the woods called The Hallows—where Druids once roamed, and where his answers are deeply buried. After months of investigating, the death toll rising, a bit of romance, and otherwordly harbingers of Lucy’s dolls, the mystery of Preacher’s Cove begins to unravel.

About the Author

Joy Ross Davis (Author)

Joy Ross Davis is of Irish descent and a student of the lore and magic found in the hills of Tennessee. After a twenty-five year career as a college English professor, she traveled to Ireland and worked as a writer and photographer, publishing numerous travel articles and photos for an Irish travel agency. She has been a contributing feature writer for a local newspaper and has published articles in Southern literary magazines. She lives in Alabama with her son and beloved dogs. She loves to speak at conferences, book club meetings, and events to share her connection with angels and the stories behind her books.

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Do you like old folklore about Druids and women who are so angelic with curling red hair and porcelain skin? Rare beauty each? Dashing men coming to the rescue, healing venomous bites with green energy summoned from within? Thunder and lightning? Snakes? Well, I don't care for snakes at all but this is a book anyone who loves old folklore and romance mixed in should read. Five stars!