Not the same old, dull, over told story of young witches and their life. The story of a teenage witch, Boh Pierce as he slowly becomes an adult in a world where an evil of great magnitude is growing. ‘Human’ tales of all other beings lose credit and the basis of all good in any being is seen in their actions rather than their appearance. The M & M series follow his transformation from awkward, comical teen to competent, young adult witch, while he and others protect the world from threats.

Boh Pierce is like any other fifteen year old at the beginning of last century. He and his close friends believe that vampires and werewolves are not only real but also evil. It is a challenge, then, to his way of thinking to find out that there is more to the hidden world then spoken of in ‘human’ stories. He is not only a witch, but his uncle a werewolf. This is the story of Boh as he stumbles with six other young apprentice witches to find their way in the hidden world of the other races that inhabit the earth. The truth of witches being the protectors of all races, clans and beings. The underworld which humanity is kept naïve of; with exception of a few.

Boh’s class is sent on their first mission to protect the migration of the low-land elves as they make their way to their summer lodgings in the east. They are made aware of Boron, son of the dwarf monarchy, King Nevin, and his pursuit of the throne of the low-land dwarves. Boh and his class are caught up in the battle which leads to the end of a two hundred year old war.
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About the Author

Gillian Duce was born in Taree, New South Wales, Australia to newspaper owners Mr David Thomas Mills Madell and Jeanette MacDonald on the 27th of November 1973. When she was four her family moved to the town of Mareeba, Queensland; a rural area of the north, where she grew up.

As the third child of seven, she learned to amuse with words from a very young age.  Raised with the newspaper industry around her, she found herself drawn to the word; writing her own brief stories and thoughts down and sharing them with her young friends.

She ran a successful business with her partner, Barry Johns, for several years, however, eventually she decided to go back to her true passion of writing. She has had several articles published and her first book, “Magic and Mayhem: Tree of Knowledge” was published in 2006.

She married Barry in September 2008. They now live in South-East Queensland with their six children and granddaughter. The gradual lose of her eye sight brought her much change and forced contemplation that gave her new understanding of priorities and living a good life. After a long break from the industry, she returns once more to her field of writing, she is pleased at the release of her books “Magic and Mayhem: Tree of Knowledge” in January, 2016 (a re-release, re-edited of the original) and “Magic and Mayhem: The Winning Game” in February, 2016. In May, 2016 “Blight in the Ocean” was added to that list and in June, 2016 “Demons and Dangers”.

Also writing as, Gillian Bridé Madell, her first book in the historical fiction/fantasy series.  Titled “Nuada”, it showcases her ability to go beyond a single genre of writing. “Nuada” is scheduled to be released in 2017.

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