A page-turning debut novel in the tradition of Susan Cooper, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Owl Service, The Magpie’s Ring is a classic magic fantasy tale of good vs evil, immense courage, friendship, wizardry and undying loyalty.

‘For parents who remember reading Susan Cooper or Alan Garner as a child this is a worthy successor.’ M. Berney

‘This book is one of the best books I’ve read this year.’ Aimee Layton – Book Reviewer at Summer Reads

‘This was a fun action/adventure for young and older readers alike. With magic, dragons, wizards, goblin-like creatures and more, it’s an engaging crossover starring a boy who lives in our ordinary world where such things don’t exist.’ Joe Jackson – Author of ‘The Eve of Redemption’ series.

When young Ned Penhallow, a courageous boy with a taste for adventure, discovers an old ring within the trunk of a tree, little does he know that what he has found is an ancient artefact which has been lost for centuries.

But soon he discovers that there is something dark and malevolent, which wants it for itself and is prepared to go to any lengths to get it. This evil is now relentlessly pursuing Ned, determined to recover the ring.

When Ned’s younger brother falls into a coma, the result of a car accident caused by the dark menace, his soul is stolen as he falls into unconsciousness. Ned knows that he must now act to try to save him and the world, as the shadow of evil creeps ever closer.

Aided by the last known survivor of a group of mages, a pirate captain called Ruby and a dragon called Marganth, Ned must embark on a journey which takes him to a strange new world. There, helped by his new found friends, he must face the greatest peril and confront the dark evil which took brother’s soul, in a titanic battle of good versus evil.

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