The Man Commandments

This book was written to bring about a sense of clarity where needed.
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Book Description:

In the Man Commandments, I ask that you read and embrace with an open mind and heart. Whether you read this book once or a hundred times, I want every single word to resonate and bring about change where change is needed. So if they ask what is the purpose of this book, you tell them it is to provide a different narrative of today’s man. This book was written to bring about a sense of clarity where needed. I came to remove ego and bravado from the male’s approach and tackle topics with truth and sincerity. This I believe is the only way.
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This book is simply the truth in Black and white. I enjoyed reading the pages. I took my time to digest parts of the book that made me uncomfortable. Re reading and reflecting on the subject matter. I actually accepted accountability/made peace with for a few things written on these pages. The Authors thoughts came at a perfect time in my life. It aligned with the journey I am on. I smiled as I went though this book knowing the energy he was putting in to the universe by means of this book was a answer to a few of my questions I also put out in to the universe. I wish I had this book years ago. It’s filled with knowledge to feed the mind of young men as well as adult males/females. However I wish it was around years ago for me as a single mother. It is a great guide to have when raising a young male child. As mothers we tend to want to do everything for our children instead of holding them accountable. My son lived with both of his parents at one point in his life. He had both parents just not in the same house hold. He knew who was the easy parent vs the I mean business parent. I was the I mean business parent. Most of the instructions given in this book I was happy to know I and his father instilled in our son. The ones I failed hit me hard but I’m correcting that by sending my son a copy of this book as well as my two nephews. I may have missed a few things but I’m planting the seed now with this book. A great read and guide to Mothers raising sons. I’m choosing to address mothers/women in this position because that’s how I viewed the book. The Author gives it to you straight no chaser but not in a condescending way. If you read this without a ego you will receive many amazing jewels dropped right into your lap. If you have a book club this is a book for group discussion. It should also be a must have for every adult who deals with or works with young adults. Coaches, teachers, ect. I highly recommend this book. It is Worth every penny.

-- Trudie M.

I LOVE the realness, the transparency, the vulnerability and the authenticity of the writer. As a co-parenting mother of 3 sons (26, 20 and 13), this book made me understand the trials and tribulations of what my young men maybe going through or could possibly encounter, as an ex-wife of two wonderful gentleman, this book probably would of assisted in saving my 1st marriage, as a counselor, I have a basic foundation of what situations my male patients may be dealing with and might not be able to put into words and as a Safety/Human Resource professional, there were some valid points that I have to constantly reiterate to my male employees about dress codes and young men that were not hired due to their appearance ( other factors played part in the hiring process but you don't have a second time to make a FIRST impression). Chapters 4 thru 9, I read 4 times because the topics really hit home and made me understand how to learn to be less judgmental when dealing with the male matters of the heart, mind and ego. I seriously can't wait for Volume 2 of this book. Thank you for taking the time to help mold our boys into men.

-- Keisha M.

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