What if your spiritual journey took you back to a voyage aboard the RMS Titanic? That’s the question faced by Hollywood documentary producer Paul Amirault, who underwent hypnotic past-life regression as part of a research assignment and was unexpectedly transported to a dark night in 1912. There, in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, he found himself cowering in fear before a massive wall of black steel … as the sinking White Star Liner loomed threateningly over his head. This bone-chilling experience sparked a 12-year spiritual odyssey for Amirault, who ultimately concluded his “past-life memories” coincided with those of Titanic’s enigmatic First Marconi Officer John (“Jack”) Phillips—the man who sent the famous SOS—but who also died with the blood of at least one of Titanic’s victims on his hands. In his gripping new book, Amirault shares both his, and Phillips,’ stories; it’s an unforgettable tale of obsession, intertwining lives, and ultimately, the healing power of understanding and love.
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“A good, thought-provoking read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Doreen

If you’re a fan of past lives or the Titanic or just a really good story, you will definitely want to read this. As a fan of all three, I was intrigued from the beginning. Is it a memoir? Is it two memoirs? Is it fiction? Is it a true story?
The main characters are Paul and Jack. Is Paul the author or just a character with his name? I kept reading and couldn’t make up my mind. How does modern-day Paul “know” Jack, the Marconi operator on the Titanic? The chapters alternate between Paul and Jack, so you do have to read the chapter headings to follow who and when, but it’s worth it.
This is a fascinating book and I know I’ll be thinking about it and recommending it to friends. It’s obvious that Mr. Amirault did a lot of research before writing and, although I thought I knew a lot of the Titanic, he knows more and he shares it in a fascinating story.

About the Author

Paul Amirault is a television producer, writer, and photographer. During the first twenty-eight years of his career, he has produced, written, or developed more than a hundred hours of TV programming for broadcast and cable networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, the History Channel, A&E, TLC, Lifetime, Bio, and Investigation Discovery. His credits include “Murder Book,” “Deadly Wives,” “The Amazing Race,” “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” “Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden,” and the long-running HGTV home renovation series, “Over Your Head,” among many others.

His first book, “The Man Who Sent the SOS,” chronicles an unusual personal experience.

He’s currently working on his second book–a continuation of his spiritual memoir–entitled “The Man Who Was Adrift at Sea.”

He lives in West Hollywood, CA.

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