The Marketing Director’s Handbook by Guy Tomlinson

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Book Description

The Marketing Director’s Handbook is the definitive practical guide for anyone managing or aspiring to manage a marketing function at board level. In a single reference source it contains practical advice, ideas, arguments, tools and strategies to enhance the profitable growth and value of your organisation.

The book is structured to help the reader lead a marketing department, undertake key marketing activities and solve marketing problems. It contains a comprehensive range of simple tools and models reflecting best market-place practices to help structure and enhance your thinking. It is concise, jargon free and easy-to-read, use and digest. Anecdotes and visuals breathe life into learning points. Chapters are usefully labeled by the type of activity they’ll help readers to undertake. It is jam-packed with best practice insights and ideas. Unconventionally, it focuses on practical learning points and not a compendium of case studies.

Acclaimed by CEOs, marketing directors and researchers alike:

“This book provides a guide to succeeding in the toughest job in business. Don’t leave your desk without it.” Hugh Burkitt, CEO, The Marketing Society
“I devoured it in 24 hours – it is a great read.” Gordon Donkin, The Chartered Institute of Marketing”
“A substantial and impressive reference book and delivers excellent value” Anne Ward, AQR In Brief

Table of Contents

Part 1 Marketing Essentials, How The Marketing Function Fits Into The Business or Organisation:
1. Starting Out, 2. The Role of Marketing in The Wider Business,

Part 2 The Marketing Year, How to Plan Your Marketing Year:
3. Strategy Development, 4. Competitive Analysis, 5. Setting Objectives and Measuring Marketing Performance, 6. Customer Strategy, 7. Product Strategy, 8. From Strategy to Delivery, 9. Financial Management and Pricing, 10. Structuring The Function,

Part 3 Operational Leadership, How to Manage Your Department, Colleagues and The Many Suppliers & Agencies as Part of Your Planning Activity:
11. Day to Day Management, 12. Team Motivation and Development, 13. Managing The Board and Business as a Whole, 14. Managing Market or Customer Research, 15. Managing Agencies, 16. Brand Management and Positioning, 17. Optimising Customer Communications, 18. Customer Relationship Management (crm) and Database Marketing, 19. Customer Channel Management,

Part 4 Major Project Planner, How to Manage key Projects and Address Some of The Challenges That you may Only Encounter on an ad hoc Basis:
20. Leading Projects, 21. Creativity and Problem Solving, 22. Restoring Growth, 23. New Product and Service Development, 24. Marketing and Digital Technology, 25. Mergers and Acquisitions, 26. Rationalisation or Downsizing, 27. Culture Change and Brand Delivery, 28. Crisis Planning and Management, 29. Communicating With Other Audiences, 30. Marketing and The Law.

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About the Author

Guy runs research and marketing consultancy, The Marketing Directors, where he specialises in consumer research, product and brand development and consults for brands and organisations including the BBC, McDonald’s and the Home Office. His career includes roles as a marketing director, consultant and business planning manager at businesses including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reader’s Digest, New Solutions and KAE. Guy started out in consumer goods with Boots and Procter & Gamble. Guy is a Chartered Marketer and teaches strategic marketing around the world. He has a degree in Chemistry.

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