The Master Of Realities: The Labyrinth Of The Dead Souls by E.C. Lemus

This book delivers epic statements and controversial visions full of realities and illusions, from which it’s almost impossible to determine where the visions start and where they end.
An extravaganza of passages that invite the senses to the most unique and strangest of places; where reality meets the unreal, explodes and bursts in front of your eyes and inside your mind.

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“Food for Thought”

Five Star Review on Amazon By mannyh

Just finished reading The Masters of the Realities. Thought it was an interesting and well written novel that gives a person much food for thought from the perspective of paradigms other than your own.

About the Author

E. C. Lemus is a multidisciplinary artist; since his childhood he was attracted by art music, film, painting and literature. In his adolescence, he began to be interested in writing having a deep admiration for the work of F. Dostoyevsky and J. L. Borges; in his first published novel (he has unpublished essays, short stories and novels), he wants to unveil art as the way it should be bare raw brutal. See art in its total nakedness; without any expectations or predictions and to give the readers the experience of the purest concept of art, without tags, labels or even a background that could tell something anything.Thats why he prefers to write with the pseudonymous E. C. Lemus.But to not leave the reader in complete and total darkness; he wants to tell something about himself that could tell a story a path. He has exposed his paintings in New York, U.S. The cover of this book is part of one of his paintings, The Sons of Love and Death.

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