The Maxim Chronicles by Doug Jordan

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Book Description:

A story about a year in the life of a dog and his various families. Maxim was a Standard Poodle who lived for a time in Israel only to return to Ottawa as a ‘teenager’ and learn to accept a whole new family. A memoir full of humour and information as Max and his family enter the world of conformation shows, and finally becoming a champion, in more ways than one. Clearly narrative therapy, it may also prove therapeutic to the reader as well.
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Five Star Review on By Christine Cavanaugh

This book charmed me from the very moment I began reading it. I fell in love with this amazing dog and found the funny and insightful writing to keep me engaged. I would recommend this to anyone who loves dogs and would benefit from Doug’s deep insights about the psychology of a dog and the love we have for them…oh and how it changes US!

About the Author

Doug Jordan is the owner and publisher at AFS Publishing.
We publish books on management, careers, life philosophy and humour.

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The Maxim Chronicles by Doug Jordan

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