Geologist Trace Brandon has been in Mali less than two months. He’s nearly been killed twice, lost a drilling rig to a well-placed RPG, and fallen for Peace Corps volunteer Molly Wainwright . All pretty much SOP for West Africa, until his friend Gordon Watson is brutally kidnapped by Al Qaeda .
Running out of time to meet the ransom demands, Trace turns to a Malian arms dealer and a French-Canadian ex-mobster for help. Together, they come up with a risky, highly illegal scheme to rescue Gordon.
If the plan goes south, Trace knows he could end up in prison—or the Bamako expatriate cemetery on Rue de Dakar . . .
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“Masterfully Written”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Landman

I could hardly wait for my copy of Mr. Reneau’s latest book to arrive, and could barely put it down once it did.
This author has an uncanny ability of spinning an intriguing yarn while educating the reader in the geography and geology of the area where the plot is based and in the nuances of experiencing life while being there. Like thoroughly enjoying the sensation of learning and not realizing it due to being spellbound during the entire reading. The book holds your attention as you wonder what will happen with each character whose personality is so expertly woven. All the research undertaken by the author is apparent from beginning to end. Well done Mr. Reneau!!

About the Author

Randall Reneau is the author of six novels, including Diamond Fields, a Royal Dragonfly Book Awards grand prize winner, and Deadly Lode, a Richard Boes Memorial Award winner . He is also a two-time winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. A former international geologist and Vietnam veteran, he lives with his wife, Lynne, in Austin, Texas.

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