The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich Life by Jeremy Kho

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You wish to make a change in life, both financially and lifestyle. But…

“I don’t know where to invest or what to do with my money, I don’t know what to think of my money” 

Did this ever cross your mind? Then this book will inspire you to step up and invest in yourself, and learn the language of money and build the money foundation you need, and most of all to have control over your money instead of feeling like it has control over you.

This easy-to-read and definitive book captures everything you need to know about money and investing the key principles of getting the most out of life. If you are tired of living the way you are currently living, this book is waiting for you along with the greatest methods ever found to lead a rich life.

This is what you will get from the book, which will inspire and prepare you to take those chances you never deemed possible,

– A roadmap to lead a rich life, with ideas and mindsets 
– A proven & stress less money management system 
– Investing techniques advocated by the billionaire investors 
– A stunning investing portfolio designed for the millennial 
– Multiple tools to aid in your financial journey 

Most importantly, the book is going to show you:
– The things you need to focus on and pay attention to,
– The things you should ignore and pay no attention to.

In short, ‘The millennial Roadmap to a Rich life’ can help you start your journey upwards to wealth without the stress and reducing risks and pressures along the way.

The book “The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich Life” is created to make a difference in Your life so you could make the most of your money and investments, make a change in your lifestyle and meet your goals and dreams. Grab your copy today and start your journey towards a wealthy and rich life!
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“Great tips and ideas – not just for millennials!”

Five Star Review on Amazon 

I am not a millennial, but my daughter is, along with my niece and children of friends, etc. So, I decided to check out this book to see if it had any tips I could use for myself or to pass along to the millennials in my lift. I have to admit, I was impressed by the simplicity of tips and ideas on a topic that can be complex and confusing. The author lays out what to do and what not to do in specific terms that just about anyone can understand. I did come across a few tips and ideas that I will be using for myself and my family, and to emphasize to my daughter. We all want our children to have a more financially stable life than we did, and I think this book puts that into perspective. From borrowing to spending to budgets to spreadsheets, this book encompasses a lot of financial wealth ideas that I think a lot of young people would greatly benefit from.

About the Author

JEREMY KHO is a millennial in his early 30s. He is a self-published author, an individual investor, an engineer, and an online marketer. He had 5 years of experience in the consultancy firm in Singapore, and that experiences he acquired had helped him to think more logically and systematically in investing.
He had started his financial journey and investing in his early 20s, where he had been sharing info and advice in his website: Stress Proof Your Money. He had learned the idea on finances and investing during his career path, and he had learned from the books and courses on money matters, that with the correct money mindset, along with the knowledge and tool, toward financial freedom and a rich life is entirely possible.
His goal is to share out the experiences and techniques, so to make a difference in people’s life, as how his mentor had inspired him, so they could make a change in their lifestyle and meet their goals and dreams!

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