If you discovered someone had reached into your mind, without your knowledge, intending to use you as an unsuspecting weapon, how far would you go to remove their influence over your life?

How do you even begin to unravel triggers and cues implanted into your subconscious?
Can you ever trust your thoughts or intuition ever again?

These are the questions Isalen van Dalen faces as she is taken through the confronting process of deactivating a mind control program, a process that deeply penetrates consciousness and blurs the lines of reality.

From the Parliament buildings of Brussels, to the jungles of Peru, Isalen’s life becomes entwined with her father’s world of political subterfuge. She learns how his business strives to depose the global stranglehold of monopolistic corporations in the fields of banking, trade, energy and the media.

As they endeavor to dismantle this cabal’s oppressive force, she discovers first-hand how dangerous it is and why his enemies go to the lengths that they do.
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About the Author

The Mind’s Fortress is Heidi Houghting’s first published book.
She was born in Zululand, South Africa but now lives in Sydney, Australia. She has worked as a model for most of her life and a make-up artist and artist. She drew and designed the cover of this book. Travelling is a passion for her and the most inspiring way to find a fresh perspective for her art and writing.

She is interested in all things that bend the mind and cause one to question the nature of reality. If you enjoy this book then you will enjoy the other books she is working on when she can fit writing into her day job – until her favourite hobby becomes a full-time day job… and she can overcome pervasive perfection and procrastination!
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