The Miracle of Yes – Reconnecting with Purpose, Passion and Peace and Creating a Life You Love by Rose-Marie Sorokin

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Book Description

Life has brought you to this moment. Perhaps you’ve arrived at this point as the result of a difficult experience, such as a divorce, a personal loss or financial challenge. Or perhaps you just have a vague sense that life could be different or you want to find more meaning and create a life that is more in line with your authentic self, that I call the ‘True Self’.

Life can be challenging and make huge demands on our time and energy, often resulting in high levels of stress, dissatisfaction and confusion. However, even with small changes you can start moving towards a life you love. This is a decision that you make and something that comes from the inside, regardless of your outer circumstances. Just making this decision will shift your energy from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ – yes to life and yes to passion, purpose and peace.

This book will take you on a journey of self-development. Somewhere along the line, it’s likely that you absorbed the idea that you are not good enough. If this message is firmly implanted in your subconscious, you may have turned your back on the essence of who you are deep inside and so find yourself moving into experiences of suffering.

In this book, Rose-Marie Sorokin, will show you how you can move away from those patterns and into freedom and joy. How you can say ‘yes’ to your True Self and ‘no’ to any old, outdated, negative conditioning.

We will be looking at how to:
Clarify your current situation and understand your thoughts and emotions.
Understand your negative beliefs, where they come from and how to let them go.
How to heal and get into the ‘yes flow’.
How to live a heart-based life and develop more self-love and self-acceptance.
What it means to be awake and inspired, how to meditate (with links to guided meditations) and how to develop a spiritual practice.
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“Easy to understand and follow”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sue

Whilst I have read a few books on various topics in this book, I can honestly say that I found this one, the most easy to read and follow. A lot of books can be quite deep and too techincal making them hard to understand, but this was a pleasure to read. I know I will pick it up and refer to chapters in the future when needing a reminder or to refresh myself on various topics. The book is laid out really well with easy to follow exercises in the chapters. This would be an ideal book for anyone starting their journey into self improvement.


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